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Whether you're looking to get that large consignment delivered at the best possible rate or just need to move something small and quickly we can ensure you get what you're looking for. We work with a range of overseas agents to give you the best possible service We offer Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Road Freight and Courier services in a speedy and cost effective fashion. With our network of agents covering virtually every major city on the planet we can ensure that we can meet your demands. We also offer customs clearance services for both LCL & FCL ensuring your goods are available for collection from the port or local depot asap. Alternatively we can organise onward delivery to your door.

Navada Express courier are a member of the British International Freight Association meaning we follow their code of conduct using their nationally accepted terms & conditions that are backed in the insurance sector. .

Local & Long Distance

Navada Express courier service, specializes in the transportation, warehousing, and documentation of perishable and none perishable cargo within long and short distance range. With local offices in both Seattle and Nevada and others around the globe. We are committed to quality, customer service and unrelenting follow-up. Our Customers gain value from our commitment to personalized services on every shipment.

We are busy shipping tons of fresh seafood, Washington apples, and pears. Give us a call to find out more about how Navada Express courier service can help get your cargo to its destination safely and on time!
We are open 7 days a week and on call 24/7....

Emergency / Expedited Delivery

In any business, there are times when everything is on the line, and you have to deliver STAT. Period. When emergency, expedited or time-definite services are needed. Navada delivery services delivers peace-of-mind, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Exclusive Use Trucks Wide-range of vehicles, from cargo vans to straight trucks and tractor trailers.
Driver Teams
Charters, Next Flight Out and Other Air Freight Options
Surface/ Air Combination
Same Day Packaging and Crating
Specialized Logistics Services
We monitor your emergency or expedited shipment 24 hours and provide you with a 24 hour contact at your request.

Same Day Delivery

Our Regular delivery is super economical and still guaranteed to arrive in a reasonable time of 1-2 days.
Regular delivery is for things you want to arrive but you are not in a rush. It can often be your best choice, especially if your parcel is large or small, heavy or not in a rush to get it's destination.
How ever if you're in a rush to get your parcel delivered our rush servive or same day delivery is guaranteed to be delivered within 6 to 12 hours after time of order.
Well, use our same day Delivery where we pickup and deliver direct. That means we pick up and head straight for the delivery destination. No stops, your stuff is hot and needs to be delivered now.

Our same day delivery items can arrive in a matter of minutes but is dependent on item, distance and time of the day. It include pick up and delivery. Click below or call us to get an estimate on time and price for your rush delivery....

Medical and Specimen Delivery

Navada Express Courier has been serving the medical community since 1999, and we understand the critical importance surrounding medical specimen deliveries. Our knowledgeable medical drivers practice proper specimen handling procedures, such as temperature control, record keeping, and universal precautions. We are committed to the highest quality of service with strict adherence to all regulatory requirements.
Our drivers utilize medical transport bags, which meet OSHA and US DOT 49CFR 173.6 criteria for shipping diagnostic specimens and biological products by ground courier transport. Courier Express drivers know the importance of maintaining various specimen temperatures and carry dry ice seven days a week, 365 days a year for frozen specimen transport. Navada Express ensures that HIPAA secure chain-of-custody procedures are followed and patient confidentiality is protected. Keeping public safety as a top priority, all medical courier drivers carry biohazard spill kits. With our extensive experience, we can ensure that each medical specimen is handled with the highest standards, delivered on time and with a sense of urgency.

Our medical courier program encompasses a wide range of service areas:
Emergency, STAT and routine delivery service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Diagnostic and infectious medical specimens
Organ and tissue transplants
Hospital and laboratory scheduled routing
Blood products
On-site specimen pack and ship